Apply for Aarambh 3.0 || Startup School by IIHMR



What is IIHMR Startups?

It is an incubation facility provided to start-up companies in the health and healthcare  sector to enable them to grow and enter the market.

Where is this located?

This facility is located at IIHMR University,Sanganer, Jaipur

What advantages do I get in IIHMR Startups?

Facilities include:

  1. Office space for 12-18 months
  2. Access to our industry network and partners to enter the market.
  3. Opportunity to interact with IIHMR faculty and students
  4. Other support services viz. mentorship,finance,marketing, legal and IP etc.

Who should apply?

Apply, if you are one of the following:

  1. If you are a Health start-up registered in India
  2. Have an Innovative idea
  3. Want to take a new product to the market 
  4. Want to test a new process for existing process

Can I apply if I am the only founder of the start-up?

Yes, you may apply as a sole founder. However, as you grow, you can begin to look for cofounders and other team members.

Can I apply if my idea is in early stage of its formation?

Yes, you can apply.We welcome eatly stage ideas.

Can I apply if my company is at the prototype level?

Yes, you can apply.

Is any specific qualifications required for applying?

Anyone with a basic background/understanding in health and allied  sector can apply.

Should I already have obtained funding before applying to IIHMR Startups?

Not necessarily, but it is advisable to have some initial source of funding before you can start incubating.

Is this open only to IIHMR students or alumni?

No. Anyone with an idea in health and allied sector can apply.

What is the process for application to IIHMR Startups?

Once the online form is filled and submitted by the applicant, it will reach the IIHMR Startups office, who will ensure the form is complete and is in order. It will then be forwarded for initial screening and called to present. The applicant will present to the IIHMR Startups Screening Committee, based on their recommendations the team will be selected. The selected applicants will then execute the paperwork and get incubated with IIHMR Startups.

What are the assessment parameters for my application?

Applications are assessed on their technical merit, potential usage and economic viability,feasibility of idea,proposed solution,degree of innovation and commercial potential.

Can I re-apply if not selected?

Yes, you can re-apply as a fresh applicant considering the feedback provided by the IIHMR Satrtups screening committee.

If my company is not selected will there be an opportunity for feedback?


How much space will I get if I incubate?

2-4 seats will be allocated to the incubated start-up subject to availability and requirement.

How will my progress be tracked? Who will monitor me?

IIHMR Startups will conduct review meetings every month. You need to submit monthly progress reports, and once in business quarterly cash flow and P&L summary and yearly audited accounts to IIHMR Startups.

What do I need to give IIHMR Startups in return for being incubated?

Selected as an incubatee, you will need to sign a contract and other terms and conditions will be decided mutually.

Will IIHMR Startups maintain confidentiality for my concept or idea?

Yes, we will maintain confidentiality for your concept or idea.

Does IIHMR Startups require any authorship for patent or publication from my work?

No, unless it is developed with our support and guidance then an agreement will have to be made.

Can I get any seed funding through IIHMR Startups?

No, but you may be able to apply for some funding through IIHMR Startups once you are an incubatee.

How long can I incubate?

The initial incubation period is 12 months , depending on the growth and performance of the incubated company  will be extended , exited or graduated.

If I want to move out of IIHMR Startups, what should I do?

You should apply in writing with due notice

If I have not generated money or profit, can I continue in IIHMR Startups?

The IIHMR Satrtups Steering  committee will decide whether and when to terminate any incubatee with due notice. Support will be continued as long as the committee finds venue idea to be promising.

Does IIHMR Startups have a technical team to support me?

IIHMR Startups will connect you with the relevant technical experts. You can get access to the researchers based on your research or project. However, the project scope and agreement will be defined.

Can I use IIHMR Startups address to register my company?

You cannot use the IIHMR Startups address for registration of your company.

Can I bring my own equipment and use in IIHMR Startups?

Yes, but with prior discussion and approval from IIHMR Startups team  and used under your own control and supervision. IIHMR Startups will not be responsible for the safety, usage and maintenance of incubatee’ s equipment.

Can I use IIHMR Startups facilities if I am not an incubatee?

No. You have to be incubated in order to utilize the facilities and services.

My primary work is done outside of a lab (e.g., field). Can I use IIHMR Startups for office space alone?

Yes, you can use the office space as an incubatee.