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Interactive Chatbots for Healthcare Startups

Due to sudden change in the lifestyle of people during the pandemic, last two years have seen a great surge of switch to chatbots and virtuality. COVID 19 pandemic has opened new dimensions of health care need and health care service delivery using different technologies. The speaker laid emphasis on how Interactive chatbots became one of the important platforms of new technology and could be a tool for information dissemination, surveillance, risk assessment, problem solving and decision support in field of health and other business.

Developing positive customer experiences is one of the primary aims from such platforms. Conversational commerce is positioned as one of the instruments that enable the creation of a great customer journey, which results in increased levels of loyalty, and engagement, to name a few outcomes. CIIE (Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship) at IIHMR University and IIHMR Startups supports for developing entrepreneur ecosystem and support new innovator and entrepreneur.