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Orinna is an ayurveda brand

providing products infused with Panchagavya ingredients, and also, customized health supplements and solutions for a variety of health conditions.

LOGOS Transformation offers

the opportunity of dignified livelihood for people with disability or those disadvantaged who are otherwise capable, by training them.

Muditam Ayurveda

is India’s first ayurvedic brand to launch natural detox & diabetic care effervescent tablets.

SocioDent is focused on

redefining oral care for dependent and disadvantaged individuals through product and service innovations.

WoCare is developing

developing a hardware solution connected with cloud based application system and striving to see a world where no new-born or mother dies during pregnancy.

Vitarka is developing

a glucose testing strip dispenser which will dispense testing strips one at a time solving the problem of degradation of enzyme present on the test strip.

Sewaarth Care

is a unique home care solution startup that is bringing the best of care to your doorsteps.

D-Fuse care is developing

a solution to share the patient vitals sign measurement data to doctors.

AR Gaming Digital Therapeutics

is developing games & applications using Augmented Reality Technology that can be used for digital therapeutic purposes.

Theos Health Data Consultancy

provides public health related training and data services

Talk Your Heart

is a counselling service providing organization mainly for school/college going students, their parents, and women in general.

Medyseva is bridging

the gap between urban doctors and rural patients. With a team of qualified specialist doctors and other healthcare professionals they provide teleconsultation and related healthcare services.

Digital Solution with EasyHeals

achieves all of these – to ensure easy access of healthcare for everyone, located near to them, just a few clicks away.

Mozek is a wearable

watch-like band, akin to fitness band which monitors the patient's vitals to detect tonic-clonic seizures and alerts their family or other caregivers in real-time that they're experiencing a seizure

DigiSwasthya aim to

be self sufficient as they provide early diagnosis and prevention of diseases through multiple interventions

Telemedhealth interoperability

made easy and affordable through an API Botz framework. A CMVR approved Electric MeDBus which is equipped with basic medical device that could analyse and report the basic health and heart health of the patients

Always provides

Live & Interactive yoga sessions all day from Rishikesh based well qualified trainers.  5am-8.30pm, Mon-Sun. One can join any session on any day as per one’s schedule.

At Ayushmanbhava Technologies

they built a one-stop communication system between ambulances & receiving hospitals.

ViniBrawn has developed

a wearable flawless safety tracking and alerting device for patients more than 60 years of age, with a high risk of dementia, caused by Alzheimer’s disease.

BlisCare is an EdTech start-up

that aims to provide affordable digital education solutions for visually impaired students with a Digital Braille Display System (Braille Tablet)

Cares At Home

is India’s fastest-growing home health care technology company delivering high-quality health care service at doorstep.

Vyli (Sparcolife)

is a Digital Health platform to detect and address Behavioral & Mental Health issues alongside the Reproductive Health Treatment.

VR Upchar

is focused on implementing and distributing immersive therapeutic into the Indian healthcare system and providing a deeply Researched and Evidence-based Therapeutic Virtual Reality Platform.


is a clinically researched online platform for medical services. They are bridging the gap between the patients and doctors, pharmacies, path labs, and diagnostic centres in India and Africa


is jubilant automated machine intelligence technology (tools) solving optimization needs and their Vision is to make (hardware/software ) Automation affordable, available and accessible

Edith-ICU Isolation Bed

is a unique hospital bed specially designed for Infectious disease & immune-compromised patients which filters air with 3-stage filtration & sterilization system.

Chikitsa offers a

comprehensive automated healthcare solution, enabling seamless appointment booking, prescription generation through an IoT Pad provided to doctors.

Onco-Connect has

created a comprehensive cancer care platform encompassing services such as cancer risk prediction, screening programs, diagnostics, pharmacy services, expert opinions, and condition management programs.

Nirvesh Enterprises

is a MedTech startup aiming to transform the Neurotech sector through their innovative solution, Synapsil, addressing the limited spontaneous synaptic pruning in injured brains, particularly relevant for post-operative acute care with its associated challenges and complexities.


is a Healthtech platform that prioritizes the care seeker by digitizing, preserving, and empowering their healthcare journey, seamlessly integrating both offline and online services while providing a user-centric digital product for accessing and managing health and medical offerings.

Pro and Supps Private Limited

Limited aims to revolutionize the Indian Nutrition and wellness industry by offering advanced products and technology.

Mobilab V1 is a multi parameter

 pocket size point-of-care testing (POCT)
device.The device can provide up to 150 test with a single charge, app enabled
digitally-connected ecosystem making robust even for the remotest locations.
The platform enables testing of 25+ parameters related to Kidney, Heart, Liver
and Pancreas, which are being developed phase-wise.

Bio Hubb is a bio-bank

Bio Hubb is a bio-bank that aims to provide the highest quality processing and storage of human tissue samples for third-party research institutions.Their mission is to ensure the preservation of biological samples and their related information while facilitating research and innovation in various fields of study

MedTel Healthcare Private Limited

By using their IoT medical devices platform, they eliminate paper-based health data collection, and human errors, and provide reliable real-time data along with risk prediction and health analytics. This enables proactive, data-driven interventions, improving health outcomes.

Blue Phoenix Technologies Pvt Ltd is

Blue Phoenix Technologies Pvt Ltd designs, researches, manufactures, and markets medical devices. Their surgical devices are designed to be functional, and their laparoscopic instruments are developed using modern machinery and technology that is installed at their infrastructure facility.

ONI is a connected ecosystem between

ONI is a connected ecosystem between ObGyns and mothers, aiming to improve patient care and health through epigenetics. ObGyns are digitized through a specialized EMR, while mothers are provided with digital consultations, reminders, and education on epigenetics to enhance fetal health and labour outcomes.

Newbees is the first and only

Newbees is the first and only platform available in India where a woman's journey is mapped from Pre-Pregnancy to Post Pregnancy. Through their accredited and clinically validated AI enabled data and information along with real time availability of specialists and round the clock data recovery through wearables, they wish to provide women a very safe and informed Pregnancy and child birth.

Larkai is a global company

that is dedicated to improving the lives of people by using Artificial Intelligence to detect heart Issues at an early stage. Their mission is to make this critical diagnostic process more accessible, affordable, and accurate, so that patients can receive prompt and life-saving treatments.

NeuraSim is core software based

NeuraSim is core software based startup leveraging Xtended reality with AI as wearable technology to advance healthcare treatment. Bee VeeTM, is a CE certified immersive virtual reality therapy that offers effective treatment options for Amblyopia (lazy eye), squint eyes, headache, and eye movement disorders.

Femease, is a one stop solution

Femease is a mobile app revolutionizing women's healthcare by addressing diseases like PCOS, diabetes, and thyroid disorders. Leveraging a proprietary AI model, Femease offers preventative healthcare strategies, comprehensive health tracking, medical consultations, mental health support, and Ayurveda-inspired wellness products.