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Webinar: Innovation, IPR and Technology Transfer

World Intellectual Property Day is celebrated every year on April 26 to recognize the role of Intellectual Property Rights in encouraging innovation and creativity. On the occasion of World IP Day 202 IPR Cell of IIHMR University, Jaipur, IIC and IIHMR Startups organized a webinar on the theme of Innovation, IPR and Technology Transfer.

The webinar started with a welcome note by student coordinator Ms. Rakhi. She introduced the theme of the webinar and welcomed the Expert Mr. Govind Sharma, Ex- Chief, National Research Development Corporation, Govt. of India, New Delhi and Moderator Dr. Surya Prakash, Associate Professor and Coordinator IPR Cell, IIHMR University, Jaipur.

Mr. Govind Sharma started a session about Intellectual property rights and talked about IPR which includes patent, trademark, copyright, Geographical indication, utility model and patents policies in other countries. Further he explained about the monopoly and royalties of the creator with some practical examples

This intensive webinar guided participants through the methodology, tools, applications combining theory with a lot of hands-on practical examples. The session was concluded with a thankyou note from Dr. Surya Prakash.